Someone told me the other day they had a “light-green” thumb. I internally laughed because I couldn’t relate to this more. I love plants and color and all the benefits nature brings us… but truly, my green thumb is luster at best. In recent years I’d turned to faux house plants. Then I looked around and wondered had I overdone it? And that if I had to ask myself, the damage was already done. So, then I recycled those (by the way, a great way to do this is to donate them to a preschool/daycare for crafts, dramatic play, and sensory centers)!

I needed greenery on those dreary spring days, so I decided to put my luster green thumb to the test… with REAL plants… Here’s what I found…


“The” Inchplant
I was gifted an Inchplant and let me tell you, that thing is hard to kill (although probably not impossible). I don’t mean to forget about it, but I do, and it’s still kicking. The branches wander and can be draped across a windowsill or desk top, and the leaves are uniquely beautiful with bouts of purple and green. It requires minimal watering about once per week and prefers indirect sunlight.

I consider the Inchplant the gift that keeps on giving- Inch plant cutting propagation is a simple way to get new plants and you don’t even need to leave your apartment! Check out this “How To!”


“The” Fern
The Lemon Button Fern to be exact. First of all, the name is adorable so right off the bat you want to take care of it. Next up it is easy to maintain! Once or twice per week watering, the Lemon Button Fern is resilient, and its smaller size makes it great for growing indoors. My favorite little gift this fern gives, though, is its subtle lemony scent.

….And again, propagation and other helpful hints here!

White Orchid


“The” Orchid
If you’re looking for a simple accent plant with a pop of color, the Orchid checks those boxes, plus some. By this point you get that I like easy maintenance. The Orchid is no stray from my luster green thumb. First, it can survive several types of planting material such as potting soil, sand, bark, etc. It prefers indirect lighting, perfect for living rooms or bedsides. Even the bathroom vanity would make a happy home for an Orchid as they thrive in humidity. And lastly, watering… you actually want to allow the soil to somewhat dry out between waterings. So, you don’t have to feel bad when you forget about it for a week (or week and a half)!


Adding life to your apartment is a wonderful way to bring the outside in. If you’re still not convinced your thumb will pass any sort of green test, you can stick with faux plants… just don’t overdo it 😉 One last link to my favorite faux greenery here. Happy planting!

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