A how to on refreshing and enhancing your small space

Living in a small space can feel cramped and cluttered. It can leave you feeling limited, but it doesn’t have to! Small spaces are just as limitless as any other, we just need to know how to expand them! Refresh your modest space into grand style with these tips. Once you get there, fresh and open, you’ll never go back.

Deep Clean AND De-Clutter

The first place to start, even if it is the only solution you implement, is to de clutter and deep clean! And we mean deep. Nothing feels better than getting those dust bunnies free from closet floors. Pull out that towel that has lived its life and get. Rid. Of. it! If it’s in good shape, donate it to a local shelter. If it’s seen better days, but could still stay out of a landfill, donate it to a pet shelter! Whatever you do, open closets, look under beds, empty out cabinets, shred old mail… get into the dark side. Once it’s bright it will feel so fresh- it will motivate you to maintain the cleanliness, so set yourself a regular cleaning schedule (it will feel less overwhelming).

Furniture with storage

Look for furniture pieces that not only offer comfort and fashion but are multifunctional and include storage or other features. I know, what a concept! Sleeper sofas are a perfect choice for needs such as accommodating your guests when they visit your adorable one bedroom. These can be pricey (and heavy). Some more budget friendly options could include shoe cabinets, drawer organizers, and storage ottomans. Or how sleek is this space saving desk?

There are so many multifunctional options out there, start your own search online or on local exchange groups!


We’ve covered how to freshen your small space to make it feel less cramped. Now let’s get into some effortless tricks that will make your guests wonder “did you get a bigger living room?” 😉


High curtains above patio

Hang Those Curtains High

Who remembers a curtain with a valance, right over the top of the window, in a pattern that matched great grandma’s couch? If not, disregard. In today’s design, it’s more popular to place curtains several inches higher than the window. By doing so, you elongate your windows, making the ceiling feel higher and the room larger. And lastly, don’t over complicate the space with a valance. Keep it clean and simple.

Bonus hint: Choose curtains that let some light through. Natural light ALWAYS makes a space feel bigger and brighter!

Neutrals vs. Colors

Pops of pink and green color in bathroom

Colors are unique and fun, just like you, so it’s important to keep “pops” of color in your home; however, overdoing different colors can make a space feel small quickly! When tastefully adding colors, also think about the moods that colors symbolize. Blue is reason and peace, while Yellow is hope and danger. Again, whatever color you are adding, don’t overdo it. Overall stick with light, neutral tones. A soft gray or light beige can reflect more light throughout the space.

Reflective Lighting

Like we said, light has an amazing way of making a space feel big and bright. By reflecting light, you can create an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. There are a number of ways to reflect light: glass coffee tables, shiny décor, sheer curtains. But our favorite is a good, large, beautiful mirror. Not only do mirrors reflect light, but they also fake distance, adding an even bigger feel. Obviously, a mirror is a great choice for any room!


Having a “small space” isn’t a negative. Redesign your space and spend more time outside. You’ll love calling your charming space home. If you’re reading and enjoyed (we hope you did), give a hello in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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