Did you know that 68% of individuals residing in the United States have pets?  That is up 56% from 1988 and continues to be on the rise.  I mean, holy cow!  We are living in a pet friendly world which means more opportunity for puppy snuggles, kitty purrs, and those wet dog kisses we all love so much!

If you are a pet owner you most likely love spoiling your fur friend as much as possible (ditto).  Good thing there are a TON of resources out there to ensure we can do just that!  We’ve gathered our top favorite pet sites for you in one easy place.  So read on spoilers!



When you leave your pet at home do they give you those big, sad eyes?  Do they long for your return the whole 5 minutes you’re away?  Well guess what, you don’t have to subject yourself to those sad puppy eyes.  Instead, BRING FIDO!

BringFido.com is a stellar website dedicated to helping you bring your pet with wherever you go.  You can search your area and all across the US to find pet friendly hotels, restaurants, activities and more!  From your searches you’ll be able to see reviews, phone numbers, websites, and other helpful information.  Even go as far as to plan an entire pet friendly vacation!  How lucky is Fido now?!

Check out BringFido.com here!



We’re sure you’ve already heard of Chewy.com but we just HAVE to take a moment to brag it up!  This site allows you to purchase everything from litter to toys, medications, treats and beyond.  You can also shop “by pet” for dogs, cats, fish, HORSES!  You name it!

All products are discounted AND you don’t have to leave your house!  Not only do you not have to leave your house but you can also set up monthly subscriptions/delivers so you don’t even have to think about it.  OK, I’m sold already.  To top it off, their customer service is exceptional being that they’re available 24/7 and stand by their products.  We all love a company who does that, right?

We highly recommend you check out the Chewy site here– before you go all crazy and get out of your pajamas to go to the store 😉



OK, so let’s really get into some spoiling fun.  How about designer “bling” for your fur friend?  Muttropolis.com is (or should be) your go to place for custom, personalized designer pet products!  They feature bolster beds, collars, pet carriers, toys and so much more!

Beyond that they even have specific collections.  Do you love Halloween (of course you do, who doesn’t)?  They have a collection for that!  Do you love celebrating your pet’s birthday?  They have a collection for that!  They even have products to keep your pet nice and cool on hot summer days.  After all, doesn’t your furry pal deserve it?

Hop on over to Muttropolis.com and fill your shopping cart!


Before we go, we do have just one more product to share.  It’s extremely unnecessary, to be honest.  But it’s durable and will showcase your love for your pet.  It’s the YETI Boomer 8 Dog Bowl!  Don’t limit it to just dogs, though.  Cats and other critters deserve it too!  Plus, the reviews say your cats can’t push it around spilling water everywhere (we know how mischievous cats like to be) 😉

As you’ve realized by now, our world is full of pets.  And boy do we love spoiling them!  Kitty holding hand of ownerThey offer the love, support and commitment we all deserve.  Our top 3 sites only scratch the surface of what is available!  So comment below with some of your favorite pet shops!  Thanks for reading- and spoil on spoilers!  No shame here!



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